Statement of Odhran Fortune

The following is a press release from the wire service purporting to be a statement on behalf of Odhran Fortune.

Dear Sirs,

I am making this statement as I want the truth known.

I am currently rebuilding my life. I have no regrets aboput leaving Gorey
but I regret my family was so viciously manipulated by Deprogrammers and
continues to be manipulated by them. These deprogrammers were Paul O’Kelly,
Mary Johnston, Bonnie Woods, Richard Woods and Mike Guarde.

For months, I was deprived of the ability to run my own life and made to do
things agaionst my will, at times deprived fo sleep (up to 25 hrs) and
physically assaulted. My passport was taken away from me so that I could
not leave, I was constantly escorted, and I was prevented from using even a
telephone. I was put under intense emotional and mental pressure, shouted
at, harrasses, and harangued about my beliefs and convictions, and even
threatened with commitment toa mental institution if I did not renounce my
religion at once.

I hate these people who ruined my family. They are a despicable lot. They
pretend to be interested in family but it is a big sham. The only break up
families. They profit from keeping my family in conflict.

I will not be extorted or coerced into changing beliefs. Threats against
the Church of Scientology will not hide the truth of what these people did.
They just want to point the finger somewhere else because they are afraid
they will be brought to justice. I have already made a complaint to the
Police and am consulting laywers so that I can also take civil action.

I intend to get the manipulative deprogrammers and their associates out of
the road of my family living civilly and harmoniously.

I will do what I know is right.

Yours Faithfully,
Odhran Fortune

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