Dabbling in the occult in Blessington 1991

The events of the case in Blessington are only referenced in this article when the Director of Dialogue Ireland was interviewed: http://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/gardai-say-no-progress-yet-in-dog-slaying-case/

Any reports from that period would be welcomed and published. Continue reading

Gardai say no progress yet in dog slaying case

Gardai say no progress yet in dog slaying case


 Thursday September 07 2006

Gardai in Enniskerry have said that no progress has been made in the investigation into the cult-like slaying of a dog at Knocksink Woods last week. Continue reading

Lorcan Bale a changed man!

Lorcan Bale has changed and he is part of the Churches working together in London. This an ecumenical agency and it is clear he is on a different planet from when he was involved with Satanism in Ireland. Continue reading

The Boy in the Attic by David Malone

The Boy in the Attic: The Chilling, Real-Life Story of a Satanic Murder and the Truth That Haunts

Author  David Malone Continue reading

Public servant and pillar of the church. guilty of the nation’s most gruesome ever ritual murder


08/14/2011 — Mail on Sunday

This respected public servant and pillar of the church… guilty of the nation’s most gruesome ever ritual murder Continue reading

Satanism and the Irish experience?

David Malone, whose book about the murder, The Boy In The Attic, has brought to light a long forgotten murder  of seven-year-old John Horgan by his neighbour Lorcan Bale. The book was on Pat Kenny’s morning show and later on Live line. Continue reading


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